Madrid Activities


There’s more to a Madrid stag weekend than football, but you’ve got to admit it’s a damn good place to start! Synonymous with football, stag weekends in Madrid mean epic footy matches at the iconic Bernabeu Stadium watching the superstars the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos.

Even non-football fans will be impressed, even overwhelmed by the sheer electric atmosphere of a live Real Madrid match. The commitment and passion of the fans makes a match an amazing spectacle.

The Bernabeu Stadium Tour is well worth the Euros. Get a fantastic view of the stadium in a panoramic lift, stand on the presidential balcony, see the dressing rooms and walk down the players’ tunnel and onto the pitch. If there’s one “must' for a Madrid stag party - this is it!

After Dark

Like most cities in Spain, the bars don’t really get going around 10pm at the very earliest. So take advantage of siesta time with a nap that’ll have you going the distance well into the wee hours!

Eat late! You can’t survive on shots and beer alone. We can sort your evening entertainment for your or recommend restaurants, bars, strip joints and nightclubs that speak your language. Keep it clean or spice it up with our stag fiesta night. The choice is yours, chaps. Early nights don’t exist in Madrid. Stags up for staying out ‘til sunrise won’t be disappointed.

Best Time to Go

Unlike many Spanish destinations, Madrid gets quite cold in the winter. Fly over in the Spring for warm weather and summer if you can stand temperatures in the high 30s.

How to Get There

British Airways, EasyJet and other budget carriers offer excellent flight deals to Madrid from regional and major UK airports. We’ll give you advice on which carriers offer the best flight times and deals for airports nearest you. Direct flights take 2hrs and 30mins, so grab a snack for the trip!

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Airport Transfers
Madrid Airport Transfers

Get your stag weekend off to a smooth start with airport transfers. We can arrange one-way or return transfers to your accommodation. A dri...

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Arabian Baths
Madrid Arabian Baths

When it comes to beating hangovers on a stag do, Arabian baths blow everything else out of the water. Forget forcing down a full English or ...

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Banana Boat Rides
Madrid Banana Boat Rides

Always good for a laugh on a stag weekend, banana boat rides get the blood pumping and adrenaline charging. A blast across the ocean will ba...

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Bar Crawl
Madrid Bar Crawl

A bar crawl is the bedrock for any quality stag do in Spain. Get it right and you'll be best man of the moment. If it all goes Pete Tong the...

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Bernabeu Stadium Tour
Madrid Bernabeu Stadium Tour

No Madrid stag weekend would be complete without a Bernabeu Stadium tour! A must for any self-respecting football fanatic on a jolly in Spai...

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Bike Tour
Madrid Bike Tour

Keep the lads off the beers for a few hours with a private bike tour. One of our best value activities for stag weekends, a bike tour will s...

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Cable Car
Madrid Cable Car

Want to see as much as possible on your Madrid stag weekend? A cable car ride will give you an awesome view of the city's iconic landmarks a...

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Day at the Races
Madrid Day at the Races

Add a day at the races to your Madrid stag weekend and have a bash at boosting the beer fund. Come with us to the flat Zarzuela track, Spain...

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Dinner & Stripper
Madrid Dinner & Stripper

Give the groom a classic sendoff with dinner and stripper. Top notch nosh and a gorgeous girl on a mission to get naked and freaky with the ...

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Football Tickets
Madrid Football Tickets

If you're planning a stag weekend in Spain, ask us about booking football tickets and see La Liga's best teams work their magic on the pitch...

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Freaky Franco Tomb Tour
Madrid Freaky Franco Tomb Tour

You don't need to be a history boffin to enjoy the Freaky Franco tomb tour. A must for any Madrid stag weekend, this ain't your average sigh...

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Galician Seafood Feast
Madrid Galician Seafood Feast

Fill your boots on the fruits of the sea with a Galician seafood feast. This is the ultimate meal for the diehard seafood fan. If you're pla...

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Madrid Golf

Ah, golf! It's the perfect activity for stag weekends. Active but not strenuous, a round of golf in the sun is just the job for day two of t...

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Horse Riding
Madrid Horse Riding

An excellent choice for a stag weekend, horse riding will get you off the tourist trail. If you want to do more than fry on the beach during...

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Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding
Madrid Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding

It doesn't matter if it's the height of summer when you're on a Madrid stag weekend, indoor skiing and snowboarding at Europe's biggest snow...

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Madrid Kayaking

Stuck for ideas for a stag party? Kayaking will keep the boys out of the bars and give you a fresh perspective on Spain. Learn the basics an...

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Lap Dancing Club Entry
Madrid Lap Dancing Club Entry

Sort lap dancing club entry in advance of a stag weekend and make life easy. Let's not mess about; at some point at least half of the group ...

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Mexican Meal
Madrid Mexican Meal

Kick off your stag weekend with a Mexican meal. It's got all the ingredients you need to get the party started: sizzling fajitas, spicy nach...

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Nightclub Entry
Madrid Nightclub Entry

Get nightclub entry sorted in advance of a stag weekend and it'll be plain sailing in the first night. Nothing puts a dampener on a big nigh...

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Outdoor Karting
Madrid Outdoor Karting

Outdoor karting is classic stag stuff! Fast, furious and intensely competitive, it ticks all the boxes. We've hand-picked a selection of the...

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Madrid Paintballing

Blow off steam in the sun with the grand daddy of all stag do activities. Paintballing ticks all the boxes. Fast, furious and intensely comp...

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Poker Night
Madrid Poker Night

Our stag party poker night is an authentic affair in a private room with industry-standard gaming equipment and a croupier. Texas Hold &lsq...

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Restaurant Reservations
Madrid Restaurant Reservations

Finding somewhere to eat that everyone agrees on is the last thing you want to be bothered with on a stag weekend. That's where restaurant r...

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Sky Diving
Madrid Sky Diving

The ultimate way to wave goodbye to the single life, sky diving is the grand daddy of stag do activities. This one is all about taking the p...

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Madrid Strippers

A stag party without strippers? Perish the thought! If you want to give the groom a classic sendoff with all the trimmings, we'll help make ...

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Tapas Meal
Madrid Tapas Meal

Man can't survive a stag weekend on beer and crisps alone. Refuel with an authentic tapas meal at a tried and tested restaurant. We've hand-...

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Tapas Tour
Madrid Tapas Tour

Our stag party tapas tour will give you a real taste of Spain. Trying a selection of these classic Mediterranean dishes is a must whilst in ...

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Vulture Valley Kayaking
Madrid Vulture Valley Kayaking

Exclusive to Madrid stag weekends, Vulture Valley kayaking is ideal if you want action and adventure in the great outdoors. Spend a day padd...

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Water Park
Madrid Water Park

Keep the lads entertained for an entire day at one of Spain's biggest and best water parks. Stag parties can take advantage of special group...

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Wine Tasting
Madrid Wine Tasting

An activity that involves drinking during the day is a no-brainer for any stag party. Wine tasting is classier than your usual stag stuff, s...

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