Madrid Galician Seafood Feast

Galician Seafood Feast
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Fill your boots on the fruits of the sea with a Galician seafood feast. This is the ultimate meal for the diehard seafood fan. If you're planning a Madrid stag do, grab the chance to taste the finest, freshest seafood in Spain at a fantastic restaurant.

A Galician seafood feast will satisfy even the most insatiable appetite. During the course of this banquet, you'll get to try a whole host of crustaceans, succulent meats, tapas dishes and complementary drinks.

Kick off with tapas dishes like octopus in oil and paprika, cured pork shoulder, and empanada – Spain's answer to the pasty.

Mains include everything from Norwegian lobster and European spiny lobster to crayfish, giant clams, baby shrimps and Galician sea urchin!

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