Madrid Freaky Franco Tomb Tour

Freaky Franco Tomb Tour
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You don't need to be a history boffin to enjoy the Freaky Franco tomb tour. A must for any Madrid stag weekend, this ain't your average sightseeing experience! Even the biggest philistine will be engaged and entertained by this totally bonkers tour of General Franco's weird, outlandish mausoleum.

Like most mad megalomaniacs, Franco had a huge ego and as it turns out, a mausoleum to match! Flashy and utterly bizarre, his final resting place was designed by famous architect Diego Mendez. The tasteless tomb was blasted in the side of the mountains just outside Madrid.

During the course of the Freaky Franco tour you'll see monstrous angels holding swords, scary biblical characters, massive granite eagles, a colossal cross and the ex-dictator's final resting place. If you want to see the spectacle, move fast as most images of Franco are being removed from Madrid.

If you're looking for something completely different for a Madrid stag weekend, the Freaky Franco tomb tour is just the job.

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