Madrid Arabian Baths

Arabian Baths
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When it comes to beating hangovers on a stag do, Arabian baths blow everything else out of the water. Forget forcing down a full English or wasting time sleeping off the effects of too much Sangria. Steam hangovers into submission at the baths and be back on form by lunchtime.

This is the best hangover cure known to man. We kid you not!

The idea behind the Arabian baths is simple. Switch between hot, tepid and cool pools of water, steam out toxins and kick-start the circulation.

Run according to the traditions of an ancient hammam, the baths hark back to the time when the North African Moors lived here. If you want to do something typically Spanish on a stag do, Arabian baths will fit the bill. Relax, detox and soak up centuries-old culture and tradition.

Emerge a new man, ready for the next round of stag do celebrations!


  • Entry to the Arabian baths
  • 90-minute session on the hydro circuit
  • Relaxing massage.

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