SenorStag® Tips

SenorStag® Tips

It ain’t easy being best man. Creating the perfect stag party weekend in Spain is a daunting prospect. Your best mate only gets one last weekend of freedom so getting it right first time is essential. No pressure, then! Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Over the past 15 years we’ve learned a thing or two about planning stag dos in Spain.

Here are a few tips that will help you create a grade-A sendoff.

Don’t invite every man and his dog

Whilst it might seem tempting to invite the entire crew from the Dog & Duck, hold your horses. Have a chat with the groom and get a list of the people he genuinely wants to attend his stag weekend. If the bride’s dad and brothers want to come, consider a separate stag night locally. No matter how matey they are with the groom, none of them need to see him with his face in a stripper’s cleavage.

Budget wisely

Ah, the tricky subject of money! It needn’t be a total ball ache. Give it a bit of thought and consider everyone in the group. If your plans meet with red faces and embarrassed silences you probably need to rethink. Factor in flights, accommodation and spending money.

Choosing a destination

Stag weekends in Spain vary from budget to blowout. Whilst we’ll make sure you get the best possible deals on accommodation and activities, you will need to think about where you can actually afford to go and what you want from a destination. Puerto Banus is no good if you’ve got champagne taste but a lager wallet. However, you’ll find that places like Salou and Lloret de Mar offer sun, sea, sand and great drinks deals.

Getting the funds together

Don’t forget that funds will need to be collected. Give the boys at least 3 months (6 is ideal) to get the cash together. Set a firm deadline for payment and stick to it. We only require a £50 group deposit and have set up an online payment system accessible to all stag party members to make life easier for the best man.

Include at least one daytime activity

Keeping the boys entertained during the day will stop your stag do in Spain from descending into an almighty mess. Even those with legendary drinking skills will come a cropper after one too many Estrellas in 30-degree heat. Take a break from the beers and do something different for a few hours. There’s a ton of top quality activities on the menu, from Jeep safaris and buggy adventures to jet skiing and windsurfing. If you’re on a budget, ask us about wallet-friendly stuff like ten pin bowling and bike tours.

Stitch-ups and forfeits

Get creative by all means but doing anything that could result in a broken limb or a night in the slammer is generally regarded as bad form. Trust us gents; you don’t want the Spanish police on your back during a stag weekend! Over the years, we’ve arranged all sorts of stitch ups, including fake arrests, kidnaps and even handcuffing the groom to a midget Smurf.


This is one area in which a bit of forward planning will pay off, big time. At some point during a stag weekend in Spain, the possibility of hiring a stripper or checking out a club will no doubt be mentioned. If you don’t fancy taking a chance on an unknown, we can sort a private strip show or arrange entry to a lap dancing club in advance. That way, you’ll avoid the dodgy venues that insist patrons buy the nice lady a drink that turns out to be a magnum of Moet.

If you need any more advice on organising the ultimate stag weekend, contact us via the enquiry form or call us on 01773 766052.

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