Ibiza Activities


Do more than throw shapes in the superclubs on your last weekend as a singleton! If you can drag your boys out of bed or off the beach, Ibiza has a ton of cool stuff to experience.

Get your adrenaline levels pumping on bungee rocket or take a team of quad bikes for a blast across stunning white sandy beaches bordered by pine and palm trees.

If you’re looking to make your stag party one massive party - we can sort that for you! If you’ve got the staying power, this island will definitely supply the goods. Ibiza is one of the only places in Europe that can genuinely boast that it’s got a decent daytime clubbing scene. No party weekend on the white isle is truly complete without tickets to a wild boat party. Set sail in the afternoon or early evening and cruise the west coast with live DJs spinning the summer’s hottest tracks.

After Dark

Let’s start this off with just as the sun starts going down! A stag party in Ibiza without experiencing a sunset outside Cafe del Mar would be bad form. Begin a big night out with a sunset cruise and quaff a few beers whilst watching one of the most beautiful natural events on Earth.

No doubt you’ll have heard a thing or two about the superclubs. If you want to be sure of getting into the likes of Amnesia, Eden, Pacha, Sankeys or Space, sorting out nightclub tickets in advance is essential. Ask us about VIP nightclub entry for the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience.

It’s well worth checking out the lesser known bars and clubs. Most offer free entry, cheaper drinks and give slots to the best up-and-coming DJs on the circuit. You’re guaranteed a great time and it’s a no-brainer for stag dos trying to stick to a budget.

Best Time to Go

Ibiza is a destination that’s best experienced in the summer months. Fly your stag party over from June to September - though we recommend hitting the end of September to experience all the lavish closing parties.

How to Get There

Hello cheap flights! We’ll advise you on which carriers off the best deals from major and regional airports closest to you. For an even more stress free stag weekend, when you book an Ibiza stag party package with us you get return airport transfers as standard.

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Airport Transfers
Ibiza Airport Transfers

Get your stag weekend off to a smooth start with airport transfers. We can arrange one-way or return transfers to your accommodation. A dri...

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Bar Crawl
Ibiza Bar Crawl

A bar crawl is the bedrock for any quality stag do in Spain. Get it right and you'll be best man of the moment. If it all goes Pete Tong the...

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Beach Parties
Ibiza Beach Parties

Ibiza stag weekends ain't just about clubbing after dark. During the day, the beach party scene is most definitely where it's at. We know wh...

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Boat Charter
Ibiza Boat Charter

Split the cost of private boat charter and give the groom a stag party fit for Prince Harry. If the groom fancies himself as a bit of a play...

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Boat Parties
Ibiza Boat Parties

Synonymous with Ibiza and Magaluf stag weekends, boat parties take clubbing onto the open waters. Party during the day with a shedload of ot...

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Bungee Rocket
Ibiza Bungee Rocket

Bungee jumps are old hat, the bungee rocket is where it's at! A pant-wetting challenge worthy of any stag weekend, this wild ride will see y...

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Cafe del Mar Sunset Cruise
Ibiza Cafe del Mar Sunset Cruise

An Ibiza stag weekend without a Cafe del Mar sunset cruise would be like a trip to Vegas without the Grand Canyon. This is an essential expe...

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Casino Night
Ibiza Casino Night

A smart choice for a stag weekend, a casino night will keep the lads entertained and hopefully boost the beer fund! We've gambled our way ro...

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Dinner & Stripper
Ibiza Dinner & Stripper

Give the groom a classic sendoff with dinner and stripper. Top notch nosh and a gorgeous girl on a mission to get naked and freaky with the ...

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Lap Dancing Club Entry
Ibiza Lap Dancing Club Entry

Sort lap dancing club entry in advance of a stag weekend and make life easy. Let's not mess about; at some point at least half of the group ...

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Limo Transfers
Ibiza Limo Transfers

If you want to start a stag weekend or hit a club in style, ask us about limousine transfers. Nothing says “we've arrived” quite...

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Nightclub Entry
Ibiza Nightclub Entry

Get nightclub entry sorted in advance of a stag weekend and it'll be plain sailing in the first night. Nothing puts a dampener on a big nigh...

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Nightclub Tickets
Ibiza Nightclub Tickets

An Ibiza stag weekend without a session at one of the white isle's superclubs would be bad form. That's where nightclub tickets come in. Boo...

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Outdoor Karting
Ibiza Outdoor Karting

Outdoor karting is classic stag stuff! Fast, furious and intensely competitive, it ticks all the boxes. We've hand-picked a selection of the...

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Ibiza Paintballing

Blow off steam in the sun with the grand daddy of all stag do activities. Paintballing ticks all the boxes. Fast, furious and intensely comp...

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Quad Biking
Ibiza Quad Biking

One of our top three most popular stag party activities of all time, quad biking is a no-brainer. We've hand-picked a selection of the fines...

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Restaurant Reservations
Ibiza Restaurant Reservations

Finding somewhere to eat that everyone agrees on is the last thing you want to be bothered with on a stag weekend. That's where restaurant r...

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San Antonio Club Tour
Ibiza San Antonio Club Tour

If you want the ultimate Ibiza experience, add a San Antonio club tour to your stag do. This is a behind-the-scenes journey into the heart o...

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Speedboat Charter
Ibiza Speedboat Charter

Experience the grand daddy of sailing trips on your stag weekend! Speedboat charter is the ultimate in coastline cruises. Round up the crew ...

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Ibiza Strippers

A stag party without strippers? Perish the thought! If you want to give the groom a classic sendoff with all the trimmings, we'll help make ...

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Sunset Jeep Safari
Ibiza Sunset Jeep Safari

Want to see more than one beach and the bars of San Antonio? Add a sunset Jeep safari to your Ibiza stag party and discover the parts of the...

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VIP Club Entry
Ibiza VIP Club Entry

Your best mate's stag do calls for VIP club entry. This ain't your standard Saturday night at the local meat market! Make sure the big man i...

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