Ibiza Speedboat Charter

Speedboat Charter
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Experience the grand daddy of sailing trips on your stag weekend! Speedboat charter is the ultimate in coastline cruises. Round up the crew for a blast across the ocean in a speedboat that can outrun literally everything else on the water.

If the groom fancies himself as James Bond, speedboat charter will make his stag weekend. This bad boy will bounce across the waves and take you to some of the finest bays, coves and secret spots in the Balearics.

Sit back and relax with an ice cold beer in your hand and enjoy the blazing sunshine and clear turquoise waters. Stop off at idyllic beaches and bays for swimming and snorkelling. Speedboat charter will reveal Spain in a completely fresh light. This is a top quality day at sea that will be talked about for years.

Depart at the civilised time of midday and return at 8pm in time for sunset beers and dinner. Job's a good ‘un!


  • Skippered speedboat charter
  • Full-day sailing trip
  • Beer and soft drinks on board

Availability: May to September.

Call or email us for a quote or more information.

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