Ibiza Sunset Jeep Safari

Sunset Jeep Safari
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Want to see more than one beach and the bars of San Antonio? Add a sunset Jeep safari to your Ibiza stag party and discover the parts of the white isle most tourists can't reach.

You'll be picked up from your hotel or apartment for a trip way out west, along rocky mountain trails to spots known only by the locals. Explore Ibiza's picture postcard beaches, secluded bays and towering cliffs. The views are epic; you'll see the whole island in all its magical glory from one of the watch towers dotted around the island.

No Ibiza stag party would be complete without a blazing sunset. As the name suggests, the sunset Jeep safari supplies the goods. At the appointed hour, the driver will stop at a watchtower where you can witness the sun drop below the horizon line in a dazzling display of burnt oranges and pinks whilst quaffing sparkling wine.

Don't forget your cameras!

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