Stag Do Survival Guide

Our stag do survival guide will help you avoid crashing and burning when the going gets heavy. Whether you're planning a stag do in Barcelona or a party weekend in Ibiza, these tips will help you avoid getting completely banjaxed on the big man's last holiday with the boys.

Wear sun cream

Of all the stag do survival guide tips, this is probably the most important. Spain is damn hot and no, your skin won't survive hours of baking on the beach. Sunstroke sucks. Get the factor 40 out. Temperatures hit the high 30s in Barcelona and Ibiza in July. You have been warned!

Pack condoms, phone charger, painkillers and chewing gum

All will come in handy on a stag do in Barcelona or a party weekend in Ibiza.

Do stuff during the day

Even the most legendary drinker will have a job surviving a stag do in Spain if you do nothing but drink. All day drinking in 30-degree heat is bad medicine. If you're on a stag do in Barcelona, take a break from the beers and try jet skiing or play Baywatch beach games with bikini girls. If you're on a party weekend in Ibiza, grab the chance to go karting on a 1km-long outdoor track.

Remember the name of your hotel

It's 6am, everyone's disappeared, you're totally muntered and you've not got the foggiest clue where you are or how to get back to…er, that hotel you're staying in. What was it called? Remember the name of your hotel, write it down and stick it in a pocket as trying to operate Google Maps on a smartphone is no joke when you're plastered. Fall into a taxi and grunt the name of said hotel at the driver. Job done.

Eat and drink (water) 

Eating is not cheating. At some point during a stag do in Barcelona and especially on a party weekend in Ibiza. If you want to survive a stag do, have one decent meal halfway through. A tapas meal will do the trick. Drink some water, even if it's only necking a bottle now and then.

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