Barcelona Baywatch Beach Games

Baywatch Beach Games
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A classic way to keep the lads entertained on a stag weekend in Spain, Baywatch beach games will inject a little competition into the party. Blow off steam in the sun and impress the local senoritas with your sporting prowess.

Invite a couple of the beach beauties you spotted early to get involved in Baywatch beach games like Twister. Trounce your mates at badminton or split into teams and battle it out for supremacy with a competitive game of volleyball.

Baywatch beach games are ideal for the second day of a stag weekend. Sweat off hangovers and keep the lads entertained without blowing the budget.

Stitch the groom up with a pair of ridiculously small red Speedos and hit the beach!


  • Badminton sets
  • Beach ball
  • Twister
  • Volleyball equipment

Optional extras:

  • Bikini girls (£90 per girl)
  • Picnic
  • Soft drinks

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