Magaluf Pirates Adult Show

Pirates Adult Show
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As the name suggests, the Pirates Adult Show ain't family entertainment! A great choice for a Magaluf stag weekend, this is a real spectacle that takes place on board a massive pirate ship. Gather your band of buccaneers for a night of X-rated revelry with unlimited Sangria thrown in for good measure.

Sit back, quaff the free booze and enjoy the antics of Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard and Barbarossa. Audience participation is mandatory!

During the course of the Pirates Adult Show, your stag party will see gorgeous girls, bodice ripping, incredible acrobatics and human circus acts beyond belief! Live music, bawdy jokes and swashbuckling antics are the order of the day.


  • Seats for the Pirates Reloaded Adult Show
  • Unlimited Sangria or wine

Optional extras:

  • 3-course meal

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