Camp Nou vs. Bernabeu

It's the battle of the stadium tours! Camp Nou vs. Bernabeu. Which gets your vote?


The panoramic view from Bernabeu's West Stand is incredibly impressive but Camp Nou wins for overall impact. Maybe it's the sheer size but the biggest football stadium in Europe still wins hands down when it comes to taking the breath away at first glance. However, the atmosphere at Bernabeu is spine-tingling stuff.


No football stadium tour would be complete without a look at the museum and trophy room. Gone are the days when stag parties had to make do with a few newspaper clippings and dilapidated boots in glass cabinets. These days, it's all interactive. Bernabeu's museum looks like a massive iPad, with its wall-to-wall touch screens. However, Barcelona stags get the better deal as Camp Nou's museum wins as it's got better displays and videos. The trophy room is more impressive as well.

What‘s Included

You definitely won't be short-changed at either stadium. Both include a walk down the players' tunnel, a walk round the pitch, a look at the press area, changing rooms and coaching area.


In terms of affordability, Madrid stag parties get the better deal as the Bernabeu tour is cheaper than the Camp Nou Experience. However, the bigger the group the better the deal at Camp Nou.

Value for Money

This is of course a matter of personal opinion. For me, Bernabeu clinches it but only just. If you're going on a Madrid stag weekend, you'll definitely get your money's worth from a Bernabeu stadium tour.

The Verdict

It's a tough call but Camp Nou wins on impact.

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