Different Stag Do Ideas

Let's be honest; you can sink 10 pints down the local boozer anytime. This is your best mate's last weekend of freedom and it calls for something a bit more memorable. If something different is in order, these stag do ideas should do the trick.

Barcelona Bangers

Our poor man's road trip sees stag do groups drive from Calais to Barcelona in cars worth a grand total of £250! This event takes place one a year, usually in May or June. Sign up for our newsletters and find out when the next Barcelona Bangers takes place.

Canyoning in Malaga

If you're looking for different stag do ideas for extreme sports bods, canyoning in Malaga is well worth a look. Similar to coasteering, canyoning involves making your way through a section of canyon using your body and the safety gear supplied. It requires a reasonable degree of fitness and the ability to swim. You'll also need a head for heights! Expect to jump off ledges into deep pools, abseil waterfalls, scramble over rocks and generally fight the forces of nature.

Baby bull running in Madrid

One for the completely mad bastards! Baby bull running in Madrid will definitely make for a memorable stag do! You lot will become matadors for a day at Madrid's famous bullring. Those with balls of steel can experience what it's like to get in the ring and dance with bajitas (baby bulls). Their horns have been rounded but these little fellas can still shift so you'll need your wits about you. Professional instructors will be on hand to show you how it's done.


If you're planning a stag do in Barcelona and want to do something completely different, hydrospeed will fit the bill. Hydrospeed is like white water rafting, only with a thick foam board instead of a large inflatable raft. It's similar to body boarding.  You'll be shown the ropes and then let loose to race your mates down a fast-flowing water course.

Buggy adventure in Benalmadena

Up for a stag do that involves exploring instead of simply sitting on the beach? A Benalmadena buggy adventure will take you away from the touristy areas and up into hills. Unlike Jeep tours, this activity puts stags in the driving seat. Think of it as off-road karting. The buggies are built to tackle hills, steep descents, rocky outcrops and shallow rivers.

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