Benidorm Terra Natura Tour

Terra Natura Tour
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If you're up for exploring on a Benidorm stag weekend, a Terra Natura Tour is just the job. Spain ain't all English pubs and dodgy discos. Do something different and discover the Costa Blanca's best attraction.

Book your Benidorm stag weekend in the months between June and September and you'll be able to enjoy Terra Natura's wave pools, water slides and swim with vivid fish, rays and even sharks if you've got the cojones!

A Terra Natura Tour will see you explore the park's five different areas: land, sea, Asia, the Americas & Europe. Learn about the bloodthirsty mythology of the Mayans, discover rivers of fossilised lava and meet toucans, macaws, ant-eating bears, iguanas, ocelots and jaguars.

Take a break for food and booze at the Greek tavern or go for an Indian and be entertained by the park's snake charmers. This is a quality day out and a change from the usual stag stuff.

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