Benalmadena Turkish Baths

Turkish Baths
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Forget Bloody Marys, full English breakfasts and fresh air – the Turkish baths are THE ultimate hangover cure! A must for any stag weekend, a trip to the baths will have you back on top form by lunchtime.

The Turkish baths are run according to the rules and traditions of an ancient hammam. Silence is golden and the surroundings ornate. Relax and steam away the effects of one too many beers by alternating between hot, tepid and cold pools of water. Get the circulation going again and enjoy a relaxing massage on a hot stone table.

Emerge a new man, refreshed and revitalised. Whether for detox or stress relief purposes, the Turkish baths is a smart choice for a stag weekend.


  • Entry to the baths
  • 60-90mins on the hydro circuit
  • 15-minute massage

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